Saturday, March 17, 2012


In honor of the Opening Weekend for Camp Logan on April 28th & 29th and running through May 27th, the Robey Blog is featuring one character and actor every week as we count down to the opening weekend for Camp Logan. This “sound-off” will serve as a brief introduction, a kind of insight into the life of the soldier, written from the character’s point of view by the actor embodying him in this production.

This week‘s Sound-Off is from Corporal Robert Franciscus:

Dwain A. Perry (Robert Franciscus) is happy to work once again with the Robey Theatre Company.  Dwain was last seen in the Robey Theatre Company’s production of BRONZEVILLE, by Timothy Toyama and Aaron Woolfolk, that traveled to Manzanar for a special week of performances.  Other productions with Robey include Melvin Ishmael Johnson's The Emperors Last Performance directed by Ben Guillory and The Last Season by Christopher Moore, directed by Chuck Smith.  Most recently he was the director of Transitions by Kellie Roberts, which was selected for the National Black Theatre Festival in North Carolina and also won a NAACP Award for Best Ensemble.  Other directing credits include The River Niger, by Joseph A. Walker and Permanent Collection, by Thomas Gibbons, that was co-directed with Harry Lennix for Robey and Greenway Court Theatre.  This production was moved, by the request of Michael Ritchie of the Center Theatre Group, to the Kirk Douglas Theatre were it was nominated for an LA WEEKLY AWARD for Best Revival. 

Camp Logan is directed by Alex Morris and is a production collaboration with three production companies: Robey Theatre Company, Sparkling City Entertainment, and Juvee Productions.
Camp Logan runs April 26th - May 27th and will be held at the:  
514 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
For more information log onto the Robey Theatre Company's website:
Ticket information will be posted soon.

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